About Us

Mancó is a sanctuary of bar glamour, nestled in the heart of Sofia. Here, elegance is not just an aesthetic, it is a promise. Amidst the architectural grandeur of a bygone era, modern luxury takes center stage. The cool-to-the-touch granite bars glisten under the soft luminescence of the white chandeliers, casting a tranquil glow over an evening full of pleasure.

Heavy, emerald draperies cascade like waterfalls, framing intimate alcoves where green velvet couches invite whispered conversations and furtive glances. Gilded accents wrap around, a subtle nod to the opulence that Manco embodies. Persian rugs unfurl beneath your feet, a tapestry of color and comfort that lures you deep into the night.


Our bartenders, alchemists of spirit and taste, come up with cocktails that are as authentic as they are visually appealing. Each is a masterpiece of mixology that pampers the palate and excites the soul. It is a taste experience that goes beyond the ordinary adventure that begins with the clink of a glass and the first intoxicating sip.

As night falls, our DJs become mood masters, enveloping you in a magical, soundscape. It is a sonic journey that lifts you out of the tangible and transports you into a realm of pulsating energy and boundless joy.

Mancó is more than a bar, more than a club. It is a departure from reality, a place where every moment is imbued with the thrill of sophistication and the echo of laughter. Come for the cocktails, stay for the memories – immerse yourself in the Mancó experience, where every night is a celebration of the extraordinary.